Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Idea...

So, we are now starting to use the Wii board in a more abstract way. So we have decided to strap the board to the players back.
The game revolves are chase, memory, sound and pitch recognition.
The game we will develop will be for two players, though it has potential to be further developed into a larger scaled mutliplayer game.
Each player will be allocated 4 sounds to their boards, at different pitches and to specific buttons on the WII board. The sounds will be played in a random order, one player at a time. The opposing player must remember the order the sounds were played and in and what pitch. They player must then tap each button in the same order they were played. They player must also hit the buttons softly or hardly depending if the pitch of the sound was loud or quite.
The player will gain a point for getting it correct. If they get it wrong, it is the next players turn.
Game space:
The players will be allocated a certain space for the game to be played to keep it in control. The players will chase each other in the allocated space and use it as they wish to make it as difficult for the opposing player to tap the board.

Hope i covered everything :)

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