Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New idea- which follows on from initial idea.

Game Description:

Musical embrace is a collaborative two player game where in players have Wii- balance boards strapped to their chest and are encouraged to press their chest together in a manner, so that all 4 corners of the 2 boards measure the same intensity, based on different sounds. 
Each corner represents a different instrument, so if 2 corners are pressed together, 1 instrument gets louder until all 8 are equally pressed in order to hear the entire song. This game would explore the awkwardness of pushing one's bodies together. Moreover since there is no screen, it urges the players to focus on their partner. 
Unlike other games, which has an obvious scoring system, this game is more focused on working in pairs and using their body to create music 


- its novel because it utilises the board in an unorthodox manner. As opposed to  having it on the floor and interacting it with one's feet, the board is now strapped to ones chest and players are expected to interact with it by pushing against one another's chests. 
- its novel because it is a fully collaborative game thats uses sounds as a means to explore awkwardness and invasion of personal space.


- it proves to us that there are more than one way of interacting with the wii- balance board. 
- This game will also help people with social disorders such as Aspergers syndrome. These people have difficulties communicating with other people in ordinary social situations. this encourages the player to make eye contact with the opposing player and interact with them on a confronting level. By making the person accustom to these feelings and unfamiliar situations it will assist them in overcoming some difficulties associated with these disorders.

Technical issues: 

- script (probably in flash etc) wherein by button presses turn different itunes files on and changes their volume - ask friendly people at lab for assistance in scripting 
- getting two wii boards - solution: Use the school one as well as borrow's floyd's 
- getting the wii boards to work  - solution: Looking through tutorials and asking other's for help. 

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