Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feedback from today’s madness session

Hey Guys,
listed below is the feedback that we received in today’s madness session. There were some really interesting suggestions - especially regarding the use of the wii board- and so- with that said- am sure we will be able to radicalise our game further.
Also, accompanying the list is Chad’s game suggestion which i believe could definitely be taken into account as it involves strapping the board onto one’s back (hence turning players into controllers) and playing an unorthodox game of musical chairs.

 - was not novel enough and should be further explored - especially the notion of moving players around in a manner that is similar to that of moving around a joystick

- concept was tad unclear- needs to be refined more
- resembles wii-skiing far too much
- attempt it in a different location - e.g. the train - one wherein it is the space around you that balances you as opposed to you
- Herding notion was deemed by some to be an interesting concept
- utilising the board in different ways e.g.
               - tapping on it to control speed
               - making use of its weight sensitivity
- incorporating a teetering element where in too much leaning could cause you leave the boundary set for it
- the wii fit has already established such a thing- novelty + contribution already been filled
- take note of the social aspect of it and of incorporating another board
- abuse game design of the wii board - strap it to chest or back- intimate game?
                                                           - interact with each other’s board
                                                           - could be used to measure hugs?
                                                           - chest bump sumo
- target weights - so have the player try to come up with ways of getting to a certain weight - social game
- turning props into players- this could tie in with the previous idea of reaching a target weight.

Musical chairs + Wii fit/balance board  (strapped onto back)

Players are allocated an area on the board that they will be expected to to apply pressure to the minute the music stops. the last person to apply required amount of pressure will be out.

- design question: How would it run if you had more than one board?

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