Friday, April 27, 2012

Brainstorm for Final Game Idea

From what was discussed in yesterday’s Skype session, it seems as though we are all in agreement when it comes to the balancing game for our final game submission.
So, to reiterate what was mentioned, we were thinking of having a multiplayer balancing game wherein players are expected to utilise their body weight to guide their ball, which will be on screen (hence introducing the digital aspect), to the allocated hole. Since we have already seen singular modes of this we figured that it would be a lot more exciting, as well as fun, if we were to introduce a group setting where in the objective was to not only concentrate on getting one’s ball in the hole and working in a team, but also to think up ways of hindering/distracting one’s adversaries.
Moreover, by positioning the characters around the screen as opposed to the usual approach that is taken up, it will mean that players will have the chance to distract their opposition in ways aside from the usual physical approach that is taken up - e.g. by making them laugh or by messing around with their peripheral view. 
In yesterday’s session, Jayden also brought up the concept of making it possible for teams/individuals to bump their counterparts ball off the screen boundaries, thereby adding one more thing the player’s, ever-growing, list of things to be wary about. Moreover establishing another avenue for fun, as such could definitely be utilised by groups to take down their adversaries.
Finally with regards to implementation we were thinking of utilising wii boards and maybe a projector, however i suppose we can figure that more out once we have a refined the game as well as figured out its radical attributes.

I’m pretty sure thats all we discussed however if anything else comes to mind, then i shall post it in the comments section.


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